Textbook List

Textbook List

*Textbook prices are given for informational purposes only. Textbooks are included in the cost of the course.

Title, ISBN, & Price

English Cosmetology book bundle (4) 1428301534 $371.92

English Cosmetology textbook 1418049352 $124.14

English Cosmetology practical book 1418049425 $53.26

English Cosmetology theory book 1418049417 $53.26

English Cosmetology exam review book 1418049433 $40.14

Spanish Cosmetology book bundle (4) 142830220x $310.42

Spanish Cosmetology textbook 14118049603 $147.38

Spanish Cosmetology practical book 1418049522 $65.26

Spanish Cosmetology theory book 1418049530 $65.26

Spanish Cosmetology exam review book 1418049557 $32.52

Manicuring book bundle (3) 1401897274 $260.36

Manicuring textbook 1562538829 $165.48

Manicuring workbook 1562539078 $89.94

Manicuring exam review book 1562539094 $62.94

Esthetics book bundle (3) 140182240-7 $288.86

Esthetics textbook 1562538365 $194.94

Esthetics workbook 1562538373 $101.94

Esthetics exam review book 156253839x $71.94

Student Instructor book bundle (2) 143543322x $280.72

Student Instructor test book 1428321519 $226.44

Student Instructor exam review book 1428321543 $67.44


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